Share dealing fees & charges

Our pricing has no hidden charges or fees, so you know exactly what you pay for and when you pay it.

How shares are priced

Order execution regulations oblige us to obtain the best price available for you at the time of execution. Prices change throughout the day, depending on supply and demand, so prices may also vary depending on the type of order you make and the execution time of those orders. It's important to understand the difference between the price you pay for the investment (dictated daily by the stock market) and any additional dealing charges and service fees.

When you invest in shares, the price you buy or sell at depends on which type of order you place with us:

  • Market order: Buy or sell shares at the quoted price, within 15 seconds, or request another quote.
  • Limit order: Name the price at which you’re willing to buy or sell a set number of shares (for example, 100 shares at £2.00 a share). We execute the trade if your limit price (or better) is achieved for the full amount of your order. Limit orders expire at the end of the trading day for which they’re set.

We also aggregate transactions, combining regular savings and dividend reinvestments with other customers’ orders, to gain the best executable price. We will never aggregate market or limit orders.