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Share dealing FAQs

Online share dealing : The basics

What is online share dealing?
Will I have to pay tax on my investments?
Does Fidelity provide a certificated share dealing service?
How do I respond to a corporate action?

How to manage your online trading

Am I able to open a trading account?
How is cash managed within my accounts?
How do I move my investments to another provider?

How to buy shares

How do I buy shares?
What kind of shares and stocks are available?
What is a limit order and what types of order does Fidelity offer?
How quickly will my share orders be executed?

How to trade shares

How do I trade online and sell shares?
What time does the stock market open and close?
Is there any limit on the frequency or timing of trades?
Can I automatically sell, exchange, or buy shares on a set schedule?
Can I deal in international stocks?
Can Fidelity advise me on what stocks to invest in?

Stock dividends

How are dividends paid?
When are dividends paid out?
Can I take an income or make regular withdrawals?

Online share dealing fees and charges

What are the online share dealing fees and charges?
How do I pay the dealing fees and charges?