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About Fidelity International

At Fidelity International, our purpose is to work together to build better financial futures for our clients and we believe that investing, over the long-term, is critical to achieving that. As a family and management-owned company, we think generationally in terms of the services we build and provide, as well as the way in which we invest on our clients’ behalf.

Our focus is on delivering sustainable investment returns for our clients, while managing our impact on society and the environment. To do this, we incorporate sustainability into our business operations and our investment process, working with investee companies to help them operate more sustainably in order to deliver those long-term returns and secure a better future for all.

Workplace and Personal Financial Health

Giving people the power to get and stay in great financial health throughout every stage of their lives, right the way through until retirement.

Our Workplace and Personal Financial Health business is present in several markets around the world. Although our services differ from market to market, we can provide individuals, advisers and employers with access to world-class investment choices, third-party solutions, administration services and pension guidance.

For individual investors and their advisers, we provide guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost-effective way, through best-in-class products from across the market, combined with relevant experience and expertise.

For employers, we provide workplace pension administration services on top, or independently of investment management, helping them to support their own employees to feel financially secure and in control.

Investment Solutions and Services

Providing the best and most innovative investment services and products to suit any need and desired outcome.

Our Investment Solutions and Services business offers a broad range of innovative solutions and services across asset classes to meet our clients varied and evolving needs. These include equities, fixed income, multi asset and real estate - covering active, passive, systematic and factor-based investment styles, as well as specific sustainable strategies.

Wherever in the world we are investing, our success is underpinned by our deep commitment to proprietary research. Being able to connect our teams in real-time across the globe creates a consistent and sustainable investment platform which acts on intelligent insight.

This leverages all of the powerful elements of our global capabilities - including company access, regional and sector collaboration, as well as asset class expertise - with the aim of delivering superior returns and meeting our clients’ objectives.