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Junior ISA calculator

Investing for children made easy – whether you want to save for their university fees, or provide them with a nest egg for their future, find out how much you should be saving each month to try and achieve your goals.

Option 1: Investment based calculator

You know what you can afford to save each month.

See what these payments could add up to over the time period available, at growth rates of 2%, 5% and 8%, and with example ongoing charges.

Option 2: Goal based calculator

You have a desired end-value in mind.

See how much you'd need to save each month to achieve this, at growth rates of 2%, 5% and 8%, and with example ongoing charges.

Select the amount you want to save each month, and we'll show you how much it could be worth when your child turns 18. Re-calculate with different amounts as many times as you want to.

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Please be aware that Fidelity Personal Investing does not give advice. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment, please contact an authorised financial adviser.


The Junior ISA Calculator

The figures shown are only examples and are not guaranteed, such forecasts are not a reliable indication of future performance. They are not minimum or maximum amounts. What you get back will depend on how your investments grow, how much you invest and will depend on the charges incorporated for your investments. You could get back more or less than the calculator indicates. Please note that inflation will reduce what you can buy in the future with the amounts shown.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise so your child may get back less than you invest. Tax savings and eligibility to invest in a Junior ISA will depend on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change in future. Fidelity does not give advice, for all recommendations contact an authorised financial adviser.

A Junior ISA is only available to children under the age of 18 who are resident in the UK. It is not possible to hold both a Junior ISA and a Child Trust Fund (CTF). If your child was born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 the Government would have automatically opened a CTF on your child's behalf. If your child holds a CTF they can transfer the investment into a Junior ISA. Please note that Fidelity does not allow for CTF transfers into a Junior ISA. Parents or guardians can open the Junior ISA and manage the account but the money belongs to the child and the investment is locked away until the child reaches 18 years old.