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Junior ISA transfer

Start saving for a child’s future by investing in a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA on their behalf.

Important information - please keep in mind that the value of investments can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you invest. Eligibility to invest in a Junior ISA and tax treatment depends on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change in the future. Withdrawals from a Junior ISA will not be possible until the child reaches age 18. This information is not a personal recommendation for any particular investment. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment you should speak to one of Fidelity’s advisers or an authorised financial adviser of your choice.

Transfer a Junior ISA

We understand you want the best for your child’s financial future and we can help you achieve it. Bringing your child’s Junior ISA to Fidelity is easy. Just tell us who your current provider is and let us do the rest.

With a wide range of investment options, you will have plenty of ways to help your child's money grow.

Why transfer a Junior ISA to Fidelity?

Trust - We manage more than £121 billion for 2.9 million clients*
Experience - We have been looking after investors since 1969
Expert guidance - We have lots of information and online tools to help with your Junior ISA decisions
No service fee - We don’t charge a service fee on investments held in your Junior ISA. Ongoing fund management charges will still apply
Choice - One of the widest fund ranges in the market, along with shares, investment trusts and exchange-traded funds
Customer service - We are proud to have a four-star rating on Trustpilot**

*Assets under administration across United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. Source: Fidelity International 30 September 2023. **Trustpilot four star rating based on 4,461 reviews as at 22 November 2023.

A host of benefits on one investment platform

Transferring your investments over to us gives you access to all the great benefits Fidelity offers, including our online guidance and investment selection tools, on-the-go access and support with investing. 

Our transfer process is simple and easy to use, and we don't charge any fees for transferring. Although we suggest checking with your existing provider to understand if you will incur any exit fees. But rest assured, we have got you covered here as well. We will reimburse the exit fees (up to £500 per person) charged by your existing provider when you move your investments over to us - read our exit fees T&Cs

How to transfer a Junior ISA

You can transfer a Junior Stocks and Shares ISA following these straightforward steps. If you don’t already have a Junior ISA with us, we’ll help you to open one. If you do have one, you’ll need to login.

Step 1: Get your details ready
Step 2: Tell us where the Junior ISA is
Step 3: Wait for confirmation

Why transfer to Fidelity

We keep things simple

Once instructed, we’ll contact the provider to arrange the transfer for you. If we offer the same investments, we’ll move them as they are. If we offer the same investments but in a different share class, we'll ask the provider to convert these into our common share class and then transfer them.

Offering a wealth of choice

Once the transfer is complete, you can choose to keep the same investments or buy new ones. We have thousands of funds and exchange-traded instruments such as shares and investment trusts to help you reach your financial goals.

A cost-effective option

We have negotiated discounted ongoing charges on hundreds of funds on our platform and we don’t charge a service fee on investments held in junior accounts.

Covering exit fees for you

We will reimburse any exit/redemption fees your existing provider may charge, up to £500 per person.

Read our exit fees T&Cs

Important information - If we have a different share class of the same investment, we’ll work with the current provider to convert them into the share class we offer, and then move them onto our platform. Your child’s investments won’t be out of the market during this time, but the units in the new share class may vary as the prices of different share classes of the same fund are usually different.

Please note, once the transfer is complete, we may have an even cheaper share class available - in this case we’ll trigger an automatic conversion once available.

If we don’t have the same share class of the investment - or an alternative share class - available on the platform, we’ll ask your current provider to sell the investments and move the proceeds into the Fidelity Junior ISA as cash to keep the tax benefits. In such a case, your child’s investments will be out of the market until you decide to invest that cash on our platform in different fund options and exchange-traded investments, such as shares and investment trusts. This means your child could miss out on growth and income if the market rises during this time.

You can use the above link to transfer a Junior ISA online, or you can download and complete the form and send it to us by post.

A guide to moving investments

Before making your decision, please read our transfer guide: 'Moving your investments to Fidelity' which explains the options available and gives you the important information you need to know.

Read 'Moving your investments' guide

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