Is selling the right move?

Before selling your investments it’s worth considering your options first.

Move into cash

If you are looking to move out of the stock market why not consider our cash options. Your account stays open and you can reinvest your cash quickly and easily when the time is right.

ISA Cash Park

Switch to a different fund

You can move from your current fund into a different fund quickly and easily. We offer funds from over 100 of the UK's leading fund managers, and there's no charge to switch between them*.

How to switch

Make managing your money easier

You can reduce the number of fund companies you deal with by transferring your holdings to one company. Our investment transfer service makes it easy for you to bring everything together. Just tell us where your other ISAs and funds are and we'll contact the companies on your behalf.

Please be aware that if you transfer share classes that are not supported by Fidelity, they will be sold and the proceeds will be reinvested in supported share classes, which means you will be out of the market for a short period, so could miss out on any growth and income if the market rises during this time. However, there is also a chance that you will benefit if the market falls while your money is being transferred.

Learn more about our Transfer service

Set up a Regular Withdrawal Plan

You do not have to withdraw all your funds at the same time – you can withdraw a regular amount which we’ll pay directly into your bank account, free of charge.

Find out more about our Regular Withdrawal Plan

Sell funds to invest in an ISA

Use money from your investment account to invest in an ISA in your name or for your spouse or family member over the age of 18.

Sell funds to invest in an ISA

*Fidelity does not charge to switch, however some fund managers will apply additional costs when buying or selling their funds.

How to sell your ISA

To sell your ISA, log in to your accounts, select Deal on existing account from the menu, choose your investment account and select the sell option.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • You may lose valuable benefits such as your ISA allowance if you cash in your ISA
  • If you invested outside an ISA there may be Capital Gains Tax considerations
  • Withdrawals from your investment may reduce your capital over time if the fund's growth does not compensate for the withdrawals.
  • The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.
  • The value of tax savings and eligibility to invest in an ISA will depend on individual circumstances and all tax rules may change in future.