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£25 Cashback Offer (“Offer”) - terms and conditions

  1. The promoter of this Offer is Financial Administration Services Limited (“Fidelity”), Beech Gate, Millfield Lane, Lower Kingswood, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 6RP.
  2. The maximum cashback we’ll pay is £25 per account. For example, if qualifying investments are made in an ISA, SIPP and investment account the maximum we would pay is £75 (£25 per account).
  3. To be eligible for the Offer you must:

    a. Make a Qualifying Investment (see Section 4 below) between 17 August 2020 and 7 December 2020, inclusive (“Offer Period”); and

    b. Complete and submit the Offer registration form on our website by 7 December 2020
  4. A Qualifying Investment means one of the following:

    a. Any new monthly regular savings plan (RSP) of £200 or more set up online (through the Fidelity Personal Investing website: into a new or existing Fidelity ISA, SIPP or investment Account during the Offer Period.

    b. Any lump sum investment of £2,500 or more set up online (through the Fidelity Personal Investing website: into a new or existing Fidelity ISA, SIPP or Investment Account during the Offer Period.

    If within 12 months of making your investment, you cancel your RSP, move your assets to another provider or withdraw your qualifying lump sum investment leaving less than the £2,500 minimum value required, Fidelity reserves the right to reclaim the £25 payment made to you as part of this Offer.
  5. This Offer excludes:

    • Investments made though an adviser, intermediary or FundsNetworkTM;
    • Investments in a joint Investment Account;
    • Investments in the Fidelity Junior ISA and Junior SIPP;
    • Investments made via Bed and ISA;
    • Investments into an Inheritance ISA (use of additional permitted subscriptions);
    • transfers or re-registrations from other providers;
    • transfers between Fidelity products;
    • Investments made over the telephone or through a paper application (investments must be made online through the website in order to qualify)           
  6. Any personal information you submit to Fidelity will be maintained in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and used in accordance with the Fidelity Privacy Policy.
  7. The £25 cashback payment will be made to you within 30 days after the closure of the Offer (7th December 2020). It will be paid into a Cash Management Account (CMA) which we will open on your behalf to enable us to facilitate this payment to you. The CMA is a separate account in your name that helps manage cash, currently for the purpose of paying cashback to you and will appear on your account summary online. The cash can be kept in your Cash Management Account for fee collection, withdrawn or moved into whichever Fidelity Personal Investing account you choose. If moved into an ISA or SIPP, it will count towards your annual allowance.
  8. We will notify you by email, via the email address that you have provided for your Fidelity account, to let you know the cashback has been paid and how you can withdraw it. We will not be responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of incorrect details we hold in relation to your account. You can update your personal details by logging into your account online.
  9. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Offer at any time during the Offer Period except in relation to any customers who we determine have met both eligibility requirements set out in Section 3

Issued by Financial Administration Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Fidelity, Fidelity International, the Fidelity International logo and the F symbol are trademarks of FIL Limited.