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Our women & money section offers a female perspective on the intricacies of investment and retirement, looking at the challenges and choices women often have to navigate to achieve their financial goals.

Women make up half of the population. Often they’re the main caregiver, the ones managing the family purse strings and increasingly, the main breadwinner. Most importantly, women live longer than men, so investing and thinking about retirement matters. In this section we look at the life events likely to impact women and their financial planning.

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Maike on money blog

Maike CurrieBy Maike Currie, 30 June 2017

Do me a favour, won’t you? Have a quick Google and type in the words “best investors”. You can also try “famous investors”, “well known investors” or something along these lines. The result will be broadly the same - a thread of images appear at the top of your screen showing pictures of what the search engine deems to be the world’s best investors.

You don’t need to look too closely, to ascertain that these individuals are all very similar - grey suits and grey hair abound. It seems the world’s best investors are distinctly male, pale and if you ignore the piles of money they’ve made, probably quite stale. So where are the women?

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What's happening in your life?

Depending on what’s happening in your life at this stage, your decisions around money, saving and investing may be greatly influenced. Below some key life events that may be relevant to you at this time and some useful information for you to consider.

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