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Our women & money section offers a female perspective on the intricacies of investment and retirement, looking at the challenges and choices women often have to navigate to achieve their financial goals.

Women make up half of the population. Often they’re the main caregiver, the ones managing the family purse strings and increasingly, the main breadwinner. Most importantly, women live longer than men, so investing and thinking about retirement matters. In this section we look at the life events likely to impact women and their financial planning.

Please remember that the ideas and conclusions here do not necessarily reflect the views of Fidelity. They are for general interest only and should not be taken as investment advice or as an invitation to purchase or sell any specific security.

Maike on money blog

Maike CurrieBy Maike Currie, 11 May 2017

Are men and women from different planets when it comes to investing? If you read some of the research out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Women are more risk averse when it comes to investing. Men are more confident. Men trade more often, while women tend to prefer a ‘buy and hold’ approach with their savings. The comparisons go on and on…

Sweeping generalisations are always dangerous, so how about some hard data to back up these statements? Well, some very interesting facts about how men and women perceive investment can be found in the latest ISA investment statistics from HMRC.

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What's happening in your life?

Depending on what’s happening in your life at this stage, your decisions around money, saving and investing may be greatly influenced. Below some key life events that may be relevant to you at this time and some useful information for you to consider.

Property or portfolio?

What would you do with £250,000 - Invest in property or the stock market?

  • Fidelity’s Women and Money series reveals women are almost seven times more likely to invest in a property than an investment portfolio
  • Stock market up 19.7% last year vs average UK house price rise of 3.5%

Important information

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