Transferring your drawdown pension

You aren’t locked in to a pension provider once you are in drawdown.

Why transfer a pension in drawdown to Fidelity?

*Tax relief is only available up to 100% of your earnings or £3,600 (gross) if that’s higher. If you contribute more than £40,000 (the annual allowance) in the 2018/19 tax year you may have to pay a tax charge for exceeding this amount, unless you have unused allowance from the any of three previous tax years you can use. If you have taxable income above £110,000 the amount you can contribute and get tax relief on may be lower (down to £10,000) and if you have withdrawn money from your pension pot using the pension freedoms this could be just £4,000 and you will not be able to use unused allowance from previous years.

For more information on tax relief and all the allowances please visit.

** Exit fees terms and conditions
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Get some expert help

If you are considering transferring your pension in drawdown to Fidelity, we can make it easier for you.

Fidelity's retirement service has retirement specialists who are able to provide both guidance and advice about your retirement needs. The service we offer is based purely on helping you find the most appropriate solution for your personal circumstances. Call us on 0800 368 6882

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The Government offers a free and impartial guidance service to help you understand your options at retirement. This is available via the web, telephone or face-to-face through government approved organisations, such as The Pensions Advisory Service and the Citizens Advice Bureau. You can find out more by going to or by calling Pension Wise on 0800 138 3944.