Ongoing enhancements

As you’ll have noticed, we’ve been carrying out a major programme of enhancements to our website and there are more to come. We are listening to your feedback and our investment platform will continually evolve to ensure it meets your needs, so keep an eye out for tweaks and new features.

Here are some of the things we’ve delivered, as well as other features in the pipeline.

Transfer tracking

You can now view the status of any transfers you make into Fidelity. The new page provides information on the current provider, type of account, current status of your application and the estimated completion date. To access the page, go to My accounts > Transfer tracking.


Track the performance of any investment available on the Fidelity website using the new Watchlist. You can easily track the performance of up to 50 investments at any one time and purchase them from your Watchlist when you’re ready to do so. Adding to your Watchlist is simple and can be done in two ways; firstly you can search for and add an investment directly using the Fidelity site search bar. The second way is to go to My accounts > Watchlist. Please note, currently you can only create and manage your list once you are logged in. This list is separate to the Watchlist in the Fidelity iPhone App. Any changes you make on one Watchlist will not be shown in the other.

Performance report

We have introduced a new report to show how the investments in your Investment ISA or Investment Account have performed. Along with the total return information, it gives a detailed view of the how much you originally invested, any amounts you have withdrawn and the current value of you investment. It also shows how well an investment has been performing over a number of periods. You also have the option to download this report as a .pdf or .csv file. To access this report log in to your account and go to My accounts > Transaction history and reports > Performance report.

Measure account performance using Annualised Return

We have introduced a new way to measure the performance of your Investment ISA or Investment Account, showing how your investments have grown since you’ve held them, expressed as an average annual percentage. It gives you a snapshot of how your whole portfolio is performing at an overall or investment level and lets you compare it easily to things like cash savings rates.

Linked accounts

We’ve reintroduced the account linked functionality to help you link your Fidelity accounts to another Fidelity account holder. This gives them access to view all of your account details, transaction history and online documents. To link your Fidelity accounts to another Fidelity account holder go to My accounts > Profiles > Linked accounts.

Transaction history for linked accounts

Transaction history for linked accounts

If you previously set up linked accounts, historical transaction for those accounts are now available to view online through transaction history.

How-to guides

We’ve created a suite of helpful How-to guides which explain how to complete the most frequently undertaken tasks on our website.

Sell to bank introduced

Withdrawing money to your bank account used to be a two-stage process. Now you can choose to have the money from the sale of investments paid directly to your bank account or into our cash facility where you can choose to reinvest it at a later date. This has reduced the average time taken to receive your money.

Increased prominence of log out button

We have made the log out button more prominent for desktop users who were finding it difficult to locate. This makes it easier for you to log out of your account.

Income report feature added to transaction history

We have introduced an income report feature within transaction history that enables you to quickly filter and view income related transactions for a specified time period.

Profile information

View and update your personal information, security details and document preferences all in one place through the redesigned Profiles area.


View your documents such as statements or deal confirmations through the redesigned Documents section. This can be found in the My accounts drop down menu.


Manage your messages through the redesigned secure message portal. This can be found in the My accounts drop down menu.

Change of address online

You can now change your address quickly and easily by filling out a form on the website.

Improved performance explanation in account summary

We have introduced a Total Return figure and added information tooltips on account summary, making it easier for you to see how your portfolio is performing.

Introduced merging of assets in investment grid

The Your Investments table on account summary now groups together investments held across all your accounts, whether an Investment ISA, Investment Account or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). You can now quickly see the total number of units held for each asset.

Coming soon

Android app

We are introducing a new app for android users.

Transaction history improvements

We are making a number of enhancements to our existing transaction history page in Q1 2019. This will include adding some additional filters and improving the look and feel of this page.

Other information

iPad app withdrawn

The introduction of our new and improved website offers you all the available features of the iPad app as well as online dealing, transaction history and secure messaging. Both Android and iPad users can access the full Fidelity service by logging in to their account via their device browser.

iPhone app - unable to transact

The iPhone app does not currently offer (nor has it offered historically) the ability to buy, sell or switch investments. We are continuing to monitor customer behaviour and demand for this service however there are no immediate plans to introduce transactions to the app in the near future as our new mobile-friendly website offers all of this functionality.

ISA plan years

The consolidating of accounts opened over separate tax years has brought Fidelity into line with current practice for most investment companies, as it can make it easier to manage the account as a whole.

Fidelity has been licensed by FTSE International Limited to use the name FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE All Share Index.