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We’re excited to introduce three new podcasts: 'Tom Stevenson's Weekly Market Update', 'A Question of Money', and ‘Young Money’. Follow Fidelity experts from your office, car, or living room as they explore key issues in personal finance and investment.

Each week, Tom Stevenson reviews the stories which are moving markets.

28th February 2017

In this week's update:

  • President Trump addresses Congress
  • Investors take political uncertainty in their stride
  • Earnings season is a mixed bag for banks and miners

On the new ‘A Question of Money’ podcast series, Fidelity experts Claire Dwyer and Emma-Lou Montgomery unravel a range of money-related topics and answer your questions.

Episode 3 - How do I meet the cost of school fees?

A private education costs serious money. Parents of school leavers in 2016 who started reception in 2003 have paid an average of over £155,000 in fees. In this podcast our personal finance experts discuss the cost of fee-paying schools and explore potential ways to meet it.

Episode 2 - How much do I need for a comfortable retirement?

It seems you can put a price on happiness and it’s worth making sure you get your calculations right. Claire Dwyer and Emma-Lou Montgomery discuss how much people need to save for a comfortable retirement.

Episode 1 - How do I pay my child’s way through university?

Debt is now as much a part of student life as fresher’s week and essay deadlines, our personal finance experts consider ways to prepare financially.

On the new ‘Young Money’ podcast, Cameron Ho and Daniel Lane chat with guests about the most important financial and career decisions which young people have to make.

Episode 5 - Career Infidelity

Changing jobs frequently used to look bad on your CV. But job hopping, and career switching, is becoming more and more acceptable. Encouraged, even.

What are the advantages of changing jobs? Do you have to move to a different company, or can you take on new challenges within the same firm?

Featuring Fidelity guests:

  • Jonathan Wright: Senior Production Manager. Jonathan is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Fidelity this year.
  • Alex Duffy: Manager, FF Emerging Markets Focus Fund. Joined Fidelity in 2004 straight from the University of Nottingham.

Episode 4 - The Signal vs the Noise

Our brains are wired to help us respond quickly to different situations. In the 'cave man' days, these mental tools ensured our survival.

Today, much of that programming still exists, and it affects every part of our modern lives. Most importantly, it influences how we spend, save, and invest our money.

On this episode, Cameron and Daniel speak to two Fidelity colleagues about 'behavioral investing' - how can we harness our behavioral biases to make better financial decisions?

Featuring Fidelity guests:

  • Nick Armet: Head of Corporate and Investment Communications
  • Matthew Jennings: Investment Director, European Equities

Episode 3 - The 6 hour commute

Daniel Potts commutes six hours each day from his home in Dorset to Fidelity's offices in London.

He shares his story in this episode.

Episode 2: London or bust?

How important is London to your career development? When will London commutes become less of a grind? And when will you be able to step onto the housing ladder, if ever?

Featuring Fidelity guests:

- Adrian Benedict, Real Estate Investment Director

- Tash Starling, Sales and Marketing Associate

Episode 1 – Is university worth the cost?

Why bother going to university? If you do go, should you study the so-called ‘practical’ (business or engineering) or ‘arts’ (humanities) subjects? Is there any truth to these stereotypes, and do the choices you make affect your job prospects?

Featuring Fidelity guests:

- Tim Pulham, Head of Wealth Relationship Management

- Daniel Ryan, Investment Graduate and Theology PhD

- Barney Rowe, Senior Data Scientist and Astrophysics PhD

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