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Our low cost charges and fees

A clearer approach to charges, which is simple, so investors can focus more of their time managing their portfolios.

Our typical service fee is just 0.35%.
Fund ongoing charges start from just 0.06%.
Extra savings for investors with larger portfolios.
Additional discounts on over 200 funds.

Fees and Charges

We charge an annual service fee, payable monthly in arrears, based on the value of all your investments.

Fund charges

  • We take the total value of all your investments with Fidelity Personal Investing to calculate the rate that will apply
  • This rate is applied to your holdings in each account that you hold in your sole name
  • If the rate you pay is £45 you will only pay this once, no matter how many accounts you hold – that’s just £3.75 per month
  • Investment Trusts and ETFs held in an Investment Fund account are not charged a service fee
  • The maximum you will pay for holding Investment Trusts and ETFs is £45 p.a.

What you don't pay for

Other charges

Account chargesFidelity

Set up charge

No charge

Annual charge

No charge

Account closure

No charge

Dealing charges (phone, online and paper)

Switching charge

No charge

Selling charge

No charge

Transfer charge

No charge

Tax relief re-investment into funds

No charge

Other charges

BACS payment

No charge

Printed valuation statement

No charge

Exit fees

No charge

Pension chargesFidelity

Annual admin charges per capped drawdown account

No charge

Annual admin charges per flexible drawdown account

No charge

Transfer out to UK scheme

No charge

Transfer out to overseas scheme

No charge

Arranging death benefits

No charge

Triviality payment

No charge

Pension splitting on divorce

No charge

Foreign exchange ratesTransactions per fund rate

Up to $50,000


$50,000 to $150,000


Over $150,000


Third party charges

0.10% dealing charge – paid to J P Morgan which is included in the price of the ETF or Investment Trust that you are buying or selling.

0.5% Stamp Duty applies to purchases of Investment Trusts and paid to CREST.

Costs also apply to some of the advice services offered by Fidelity’s Retirement Service. You can find out more here.

No switching charges

Charges for re-investing income

Same great service

Pricing guide

Please note that Fidelity Personal Investing does not give advice. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment you should speak to an adviser. The value of investments may go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you invest.