Our investment fees and charges

Clear and simple pricing

Our pricing has no hidden fees and charges, so you know exactly what you pay for and when you pay it.

Our statements are clear and easy to understand so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it out. When you log in online, your transaction history will help you find and understand our service fee, and any charges, easily and transparently.

And did we mention all the award-winning guidance, on-the-go access and support with investing you get? That’s all included in our service fee.

Our service fee structure

We believe in giving you great value, so we charge an annual service fee, payable monthly, based on the value of all your investments. We add all your accounts together before we work out which fee band you’re in, meaning we’ll charge you the lowest rate.

The chart below shows how this fee changes, as your investments increase.

Total value of investmentsService fee (annual amount or rate)
£0 to £7,499.99 £45 without monthly regular savings plan
0.35% with monthly regular savings plan
£25 for Junior ISAs/Junior Pensions
£7,500 to £249,999.99 0.35%
£250,000 to £1 million 0.20%
No further service fee is charged for assets held above £1 million.
* Please note that the service fee will be charged on the entire portfolio.
For exchange traded instruments including investment trusts, this is capped at £45.
There is no service fee for these investments held in the Fidelity Investment Account.

What you pay for

What you don’t pay for

Here are the things that we include in our standard, simple and transparent service fee, but which our competitors sometimes charge for.

Account charges  
Set up charge No charge
Annual charge No charge
Account closure No charge
Fund dealing charges (phone, online and paper)
Switching charge No charge
Selling charge No charge
Transfer charge No charge
Tax relief re-investment into funds No charge
Pension charges
Annual admin charges per capped drawdown account No charge
Annual admin charges per flexible drawdown account No charge
Transfer out to UK scheme No charge
Transfer out to overseas scheme No charge
Arranging death benefits No charge
Triviality payment No charge
Pension splitting on divorce No charge
Other charges  
BACS payment No charge
Printed valuation statement No charge
Exit fees No charge