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Register to vote on changes to Fidelity-managed funds

Much like registered companies, managed funds occasionally need shareholders to vote on proposed corporate actions, such as mergers or changes to investment objectives.

When we hold investments in a nominee structure, which means we hold your units or shares on your behalf, you won’t automatically have voting rights. However, you will be able to give us voting instructions for corporate actions on Fidelity-managed funds, including our range of trackers, so that we can vote on your behalf.

You can register for this service below. You only have to give us your details once, and your registration will apply to any ISA or Investment accounts you may have.

How will the voting process work after I have registered to vote?
Is there a charge to vote on Fidelity-managed funds corporate actions?
Would you continue to inform me of any corporate action which doesn’t require a vote?
Will I still have a right to vote if I have not given consent to move these to a nominee structure?