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Cavendish accounts have moved to Fidelity

Important information - the value of investments can go down as well as up so you may not get back what you invest. Tax treatment depends on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change in the future. This information is not a personal recommendation for any particular investment. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment you should speak to an authorised financial adviser.

Welcome to Fidelity Personal Investing

We’re pleased to announce the purchase of Cavendish Online Investments Ltd and confident we can continue to support their customers with our expert guidance, wide choice of investment solutions, and clear and simple investing.

If you are a customer of Cavendish, we want to welcome you to Fidelity Personal Investing, and look forward to supporting you in your investment goals. You should already be used to the Fidelity platform, so any disruption should be minimal and you can continue to use the same login details that you use now.

Cavendish accounts were moved on 20 November

This is the date for Cavendish accounts moving to Fidelity Personal Investing. No time was spent out of the market as investments were already held by Fidelity.

Making investing easy

You now have access to the full capability of our investment and pension platform, including our expert guidance.


A range of accounts

In addition to our ISA, SIPP and Investment Account, we also offer a Junior ISA and a Junior SIPP.


Expert guidance

Take advantage of our wealth of experience with our range of guidance pages and helpful tools to help plan your investments.


Flexible retirement options

When the time comes to begin taking your pension.


Share dealing in all your accounts

You can now deal shares in your SIPP in the same way you can in your ISA or Investment Account. This means you can place online deals at £10 per trade.


Market views and insights

Read our daily market and shares news to stay up to date, and sign up for emails to get it straight to your inbox.

" I want to warmly welcome Cavendish customers to Fidelity Personal Investing and I hope you will enjoy the extra benefits of our service now available to you. With our shared beliefs and values, this acquisition really felt like a natural fit, and as Fidelity was already powering your investments, I am confident this will be a straightforward transition."

Stuart Welch, Global Head of Personal Investing and Advisory, Fidelity International


What stays the same?

The good news is that for at least 12 months from the date your accounts moved to Fidelity Personal Investing you will continue to pay the same platform charges that you were paying with Cavendish Online Investments Ltd.

Further good news is that as your investments and/or pensions were already with Fidelity, your log in details remain the same and there was no transferring of assets from one platform to another and no time ‘out of the market’

" Cavendish customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of investing in stocks and shares ISAs, investment and pensions powered by the full capability of Fidelity’s investment and pension platform. Fidelity provides excellent service and value and is very well placed to administer their investments for the long term."

Ian Williams, Managing Director of Cavendish Online Investments Ltd

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Frequently asked questions

Any other questions you may have should be answered below.

How did the transfer happen? Was I out of the market?
What are the main differences in the service I will receive?
Can I still invest in the funds which were only available on Fundsnetwork?
How do I retain my Cavendish pricing terms for at least the next 12 months?
Can I move away?

1Source: Fidelity International at 30.06.2020