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Staying secure

When it comes to guarding your financial safety online, in person or on the phone, knowledge is your best defence. Here, you can learn about the common threats to your financial security, discover what we're doing to keep you safe and find out where to get help, if you need it.

Knowledge is your best defence against financial crime

Criminals are always looking for new ways to commit financial fraud. Watch our video to see how someone could easily get hold of your personal details through something as simple as a Facebook 'like'. Below you'll find tips and guides on how to protect yourself online in a rapidly changing environment.

Practical tips and guides

Here you'll find key pieces of advice and more detailed guides on how to stay safe from cybersecurity criminals at home, work and on the move.



Protect your online identity

Don't give cybercriminals what they want. Learn how to minimise your digital trail, secure your privacy and make a fresh start online.

Explore our top five tips or for more detail read our fresh start guide.

Cybersecurity for everyone

Simple and effective cybersecurity practices to help you stay safe at home, at work and on the move.

Explore our top five tips or for more detail read our cybersecurity for everyone guide


Securing your home

Tips to help you manage and control your in-home digital devices and the data they share.

Explore our top five tips or for more detail read our securing your home guide.

Password and digital keys

Learn how to create strong and unique passwords and keep them secure.

Explore our top five tips or for more detail read our passwords and digital keys guide


Cybersecurity for less confident computer users

If you don't feel confident about navigating the online environment, we've got practical tips to help you.

Explore our top five tips or for more detail read our guide for less confident computer users.