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Transfer your other investments

Transferring investments to us has never been easier.

Make life simpler

Having investments spread across multiple companies can be both time-consuming and costly. Bringing them together means less stress and less paperwork.

Our straightforward transfer process makes it easy to bring your investments together — just tell us where they’re currently held and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s free to transfer, and we’ll even cover any exit fees you may incur, up to a total of £500 per person. T&Cs apply.

How it works

  • Once you request a transfer, we’ll contact your providers and arrange for your investments to be brought into your Fidelity account.
  • We’ll keep your money invested in your chosen funds or shares as long as we have the same investments on our platform. View our list of shares.
  • You’ll have to sell any investments not on our platform and send us the cash, which you can then move into any of the funds or shares in our range.
  • Remember, selling investments can trigger a capital gains tax liability. Please speak with a tax adviser before selling any investments.

How long it takes

  • Applying online only takes a few minutes, and if your current providers are using an industry-accepted, up-to-date transfer service, then it could take up to six weeks.
  • Please remember that once the transfer has begun, you’ll be unable to switch, top up, or sell the investments you’re moving until the process is complete.
  • We’ll let you know when everything is done.

Please be aware that if you transfer share classes that aren’t supported by Fidelity, they’ll be sold and the proceeds will be reinvested in supported share classes, meaning you’ll be out of the market for a short period, and may have to pay additional costs as a result.

If your investments are moved to us as cash, you’ll be out of the market while your money is being transferred, so you could miss out on growth and income if the market rises during this time.

In addition to funds, we also offer a selection of individual shares that you can now hold on our platform in an Investment Account. View our list of shares. Over time, we’ll continue to add more shares to our range.

If you hold any shares in an Investment Account that you’re planning to move to Fidelity:

  • Please check our list of shares before starting the transfer process as we may only be able to move across shares that are on this list.
  • If you start the transfer process and have shares we don’t currently offer, we’ll re-register what we can. You’ll then have to sell your investments and send us the cash directly. You can then invest it in any of the funds or shares in our range.

Cashback offer

Get £20 to £1,000 cashback if you apply to transfer your investment accounts, ISAs or pensions to us by 1 March 2019.

You transfer You get
£10,000 - £24,999 £20
£25,000 - £49,999 £50
£50,000 - £99,999 £100
£100,000 - £149,999 £250
£150,000 - £399,999 £500
£400,000 - £499,999 £750
£500,000 or over £1,000

We'll also cover up to £500 if your provider(s) charge exit fees ( T&Cs apply).

Cashback offer - terms and conditions

The maximum cashback we'll pay is £1,000 but not all customers will receive this amount. The actual cashback you'll receive is dependent on the total value of your transfer. The minimum amount you must transfer to be eligible for cashback is £10,000. If you move your assets to another provider within 18 months of completing your transfer, Fidelity reserves the right to reclaim any payments which were made to you as part of this offer.

If you transfer in cash, the provider you are transferring from will sell your investments and send the proceeds directly to us. We will hold them as cash within your account until you decide what you would like to invest in.

Assets held in an existing Fidelity pension, including the Fidelity Personal Pension provided by Standard Life, the EBS SIPP and any defined contribution pension scheme held through Fidelity are not eligible for the cashback offer. This offer is valid for qualifying applications received between 28 December 2018 and midnight on 1 March 2019.

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Why choose Fidelity


All your investments in one secure place

One login, one online statement, one number to call — and one simple fee.


Value for money

Our typical service fee is 0.35%, but by bringing your investments together you could qualify for our Wealth service, one of the benefits of which is a 0.2% service fee.


No exit fees

We don't charge exit fees if you wish to transfer out of Fidelity. For transfers in however, we will cover any exit fees your current provider may charge, up to a total of £500 per person. T&Cs apply*

*£500 back on exit fees, terms and conditions

A guide to moving investments

Find out more about moving your investments to Fidelity with our handy guide.

Read the moving investments guide

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