Retirement planning calculators

We’ve got a calculator to help you work out various aspects of your retirement, from planning your goals and your savings to working out your withdrawals

Calculators to help you save

Set your retirement goal

Get an indication of the annual income you may need in retirement to help you work out how much you need to save.

Retirement Calculator

Will you hit your goal?

Answer five questions and we’ll show you whether you’re on the right track to saving enough to achieve your retirement goals.


Calculators to help you transition into retirement

Calculate tax on withdrawals

Understand how much tax you might have to pay on the money you take from your pension. This will also help you understand how taking how taking cash out of your pension savings now could affect your future retirement income.

Pension Cash Calculator

Find the right income option

We’ll ask you seven general questions about your retirement circumstances and attitudes to risk, and we’ll show you how the options match your answers.

Retirement Options Quiz

Calculate retirement income

Tell us what you expect your pension pot to be at retirement, and we’ll show you an estimate of the income you could receive using drawdown, an annuity, or a combination of both.

Retirement Income Estimator

Annuity Income Tool

Use our portal to help you choose your annuity options and shop around for the best guaranteed income for life.

Annuity Income Tool