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Protect yourself against fraud

Phishing is an attempt, usually through email, to gather personal information or to compromise technology for the purpose of financial gain or malicious activities. Vishing is a relatively new term that describes the same type of attack via phone calls.

Some phishing and vishing attacks are easy to detect as fraud, but others can be much more convincing. How can you tell a real email from a scam one? It can be tricky; there is no magic bullet for detecting them but being alert to the fact that, one day, you will be phished, and reading through and remembering our tips below is a strong start.

If you suspect you've received an unsolicited call or email by someone posing as Fidelity - please call 0800 358 7712.

Our top tips to protect yourself against fraud

Unexpected phone calls or emails
You receive a cold call or unsolicited email offering investment opportunities
An email has a suspicious or mismatched URLs
Poor spelling or grammar in emails
Requests for personal information and passwords
When you’re not expecting anything from the sender or caller
Imploring you to act urgently
Something just seems wrong