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Important legal information

Find out more about the policies and regulations that guide our business and help safeguard our investors.

Before you invest

Read more about our general terms, specific guidelines relating to various accounts, and important information about taxes, investments and transfers.

Our online terms

Here you can find our website terms of use and the online terms which govern the use of your online account.

Doing business with Fidelity Adviser Solutions

Key facts and information to give you or your adviser all you need to know about doing business with us before you invest in the funds in our range.

Important information documents

Here you can find the full range of our essential documents. If you have any further questions, please speak to your adviser or intermediary.

How is my money protected when I invest with Fidelity Adviser Solutions?

Fidelity Adviser Solutions is Fidelity International’s UK investment platform for advisers and advised customers. Fidelity has multiple levels of protection for your money in the event that something goes wrong. Fidelity is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means we always hold a significant amount of liquid capital. And because we are an investment firm, not a bank, we are required to separate client money and assets from our own resources. If all protections we have in place were to fail, you might have a claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (but remember that this will not pay compensation if your investment performs poorly as a result of market conditions).