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Important documents

When making investment decisions it's important that you have all the relevant information in order to make the correct choice for your circumstances.

Here you can find the full range of our essential documents. If you have any further questions, please speak to your adviser or intermediary.

Terms and key features documents

Changes to our terms and key features documents from 6 April 2020
Doing Business with FundsNetwork
FundsNetwork Client Terms
FundsNetwork Pension Key Features Document
FundsNetwork Pension Terms and Conditions
Privacy Statement

Dealing times

When will you carry out my instruction?

If you wish to buy or sell your units or shares, then for most products we will carry out your instructions on the day we receive them if we receive your instructions online or by phone, as long as they arrive before the dealing cut-off time (for further details, see ‘How are funds priced’ below).

If you make your instruction by post it may be processed the following business day.

How are funds priced?

Most funds are priced at 12 noon and the dealing cut-off is 11am, however, there are a number of exceptions. Certain funds, due to the market they are investing in, do not price until the day after the dealing cut-off.  For fund specific details, please refer to the tables below. Any funds which have an 11am cut-off are not listed here.

Fund prices are set on a forward-pricing basis which means the price is determined at the next valuation point and you will not know in advance the exact price you will pay / receive. Depending upon the fund's dealing cycle, in some cases the Transaction Date noted on the deal confirmation you receive may differ from the price date publicly quoted. As the value of the fund can move up or down this affects the price of each unit or share. The price may also take into account trading costs. Please note that in the event of a fund pricing more frequently than once a day, we will only use the provider’s main valuation point. Deals received after the relevant cut-off point will get the next available price.

We may apply an early cut-off time on certain public holidays or days on which markets close early such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, where this is imposed by fund managers or the brokers we use for trading. Any deals received after a revised cut-off will receive the price achieved at the next available daily dealing point.

Offshore funds are not priced on a UK Bank Holiday. However online dealing of Fidelity offshore funds, as long as the instruction to deal is in good order, will be priced and placed on a UK Bank Holiday. All other deals will be placed on the next working day. Additional public holidays in a fund’s country of registration may affect your ability to place deals on those days.

Please note that if your adviser is using our automated bulk switching or rebalancing service, or Unit Trust/OEIC to ISA switching facility, deals may be aggregated and placed at different cut-off points.  All switch and rebalance instructions require all sell deals to price before the buy deals can be placed.  Therefore, any funds which price the day after the dealing cut-off will extend the processing time to up to 5 working days for these types of transactions.

12pm Cut off
1pm Cut off
2pm Cut off
3pm Cut off
4pm Cut off

Supplementary information

Supplementary information about taxation

Useful guides

Client Guide
Re-registration: what you need to know
Stock transfers: what you need to know
Pricing at a glance
Guide for executors and administrators

Before you invest

Read more about our general terms, specific guidelines relating to various accounts, and important information about taxes, funds and transfers.