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External Power of Attorney

We need to see a Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection order authorising the attorney to deal with the financial affairs of the person whose account is held with us. We accept both internal and external Power of Attorney.

What a Power of Attorney can and can’t do

A Power of Attorney can:
But a Power of Attorney can’t:

Attorney identification requirements

In order to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, we’re required to confirm the identity of all investors and their associated representatives controlling or funding investments on their behalf.

We may use an online referencing agency for this purpose (who will record an enquiry has been made) or request the submission of documentary evidence. Until the identities of all associated individuals have been verified, restrictions will be applied and will remain in place until outstanding verification has been obtained. These restrictions will not affect the value of the investment, but may prevent certain transactions from being completed.

Documentary evidence requested to complete verification of identity will be needed for each associated representative and should be submitted along with the confirmation of identity form below: