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Go paperless

Over the last few years, we’ve improved many of our online services to reduce the amount of paper we use. There are very few instances now where you’ll need to send us anything by post (and vice versa).

But going paperless is not just about trying to save paper - it’s also about being more efficient and more secure. Read on to find out how you can benefit.

Electronic document delivery

Most documents we send you can be viewed and stored online. If you choose to go paperless with any of them, this means that we will stop sending them by post and they will be solely viewable online.

If the idea of letting go of paper copies is difficult, please consider the following advantages of online delivery:

  • Safe and secure, everything is password protected in your online account
  • No more shredding and no more filing
  • Everything is kept in one place
  • Instant delivery (no waiting for the postman)

Manage your account online


Almost everything that you wish to do with your account can now be managed online, much safer, more secure and speedier than posting and waiting for paper copies of letters and instructions.

We’ll be adding more functionality in the coming months but a few of the things you can do now are:

  • Buy, sell and switch investments
  • Create and edit regular savings plans
  • Transfer accounts to FundsNetwork
  • Manage your personal information and settings
  • Check account values, transaction history and capital gains reports.

You may wish to check with your adviser before making any changes.

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