Pension drawdown assumptions

  • The calculator assumes that the annual income taken from pension drawdown will increase by 2% each year.
  • This calculator assumes a broad mix of investments is used for pension drawdown which may not be right for you. When choosing your own investments, they may perform worse or better than the results portrayed in the calculator.
  • The investment growth rates used by this calculator (for pension drawdown) are based on Fidelity’s assumptions about how markets might perform in the future. Whilst these assumptions are informed by historical experience, which cannot provide an accurate view of future results, they involve an element of subjective judgement and are therefore hypothetical in nature. The growth rates assumed are not guaranteed and actual growth rates could be lower or higher. The growth rates have been calculated from performing 10,000 simulations of market returns and uses the middle scenario from these results, i.e. average market performance, is used.
  • We use the current age information that you input on the tool to compare against mortality data as provided by the UK Actuarial Profession’s Continuous Mortality Investigation to estimate your life expectancy. The drawdown income estimated by this tool has been projected to last until at least the assumed life expectancy for the age you have input, however you should consider that you may live longer than this in which case there is a risk that income (from pension drawdown) can run out.