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Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Simple, flexible pricing

Benefit from our low 0.35% service fee if you invest more than £7,500, or set up a regular savings plan. For example:

Service fee


The fee you pay for holding accounts with Fidelity

On savings of


Saved over one year with a regular savings plan

Would amount to

= £1.90

This is a simplified example, the actual fee you will pay will vary depending on how your investments perform. If you hold less than £7,500 with Fidelity and do not have a regular savings plan, our service fee is £45 for the year.

The service fee is not payable on any cash you hold in a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) if:

  • You received a letter from us saying that your SIPP has been moved to our new system
  • Or, you opened your SIPP on or after 27 March 2019 and you were 53 years old or younger at that time.

The table below shows how this fee changes, as your investments increase. To see this in more detail please read the Doing Business with Fidelity document.

In addition to our service fee, there may also be charges set by the company managing your funds, and there will be additional charges for any share dealing you engage in. For more details, please read The Fidelity guide to charges or you can visit our main fees and charges page.

Total value of investments Service fee (annual amount or rate)
Less than £7,500 0.35% if you have a regular savings plan or £45 if you don't
Less than £7,500, held in a Junior ISA/SIPP £25
£7,500 or more but less than £250,000 0.35%
£250,000 or more but less than £1 million 0.20%
£1 million+ 0.20% a year for the first £1 million and no service fee for investments over £1 million. This means the maximum fee you will ever pay for all of your personal accounts is £2,000 a year.

The same service fee is charged across all of your investments. So, if you hold £300,000 - the fee would be 0.20% across the full amount, and not 0.35% on the first £249,999 and then 0.20% a year on the remaining £50,001. For exchange traded instruments including investment trusts, this is capped at £45. There is no service fee for these investments held in the Fidelity Investment Account.

Service Fee Charges on SIPP Cash

Cash in the Fidelity SIPP is currently held as ‘Cash Within Your Account’.

We currently don’t charge a service fee on Cash Within Your Account. However, we reserve the right to retain an amount of the interest received from the bank(s) we deposit your money with to cover the cost of administering these cash balances. Please go to for further details.