Events and seminars

Success in investing is much like success in the rest of your life.

It helps if you have know-how and experience. To help maximise your investment knowledge and understanding, we organise a range of exclusive seminars and events that give you the latest insights and perspectives from leading experts.

Previous events

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - November 2018

Tom Stevenson and Maike Currie join leading fund providers as they share their insights on investing for growth, income and capital preservation.

London Investor Show 2018

Achieving your investment goals is tough in 2018. Tom Stevenson shares his views on the three pillars of investing - growth, income and capital preservation.

London Investor Show 2018

The days when retirement was simpler and more certain are long gone. Charlie Nicol explains why taking advice at retirement is money well spent.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - April 2018

Tom Stevenson goes globe-trotting ‘Around the world in eight investments’ looking for the best returns, and leading fund managers throw a spotlight on two of the eight investments.

Master Investor Show - March 2018

Alex Denny, Head of Investment Trusts, discusses the relevance investment trusts have to investors in today’s world of innovative tech startups and disruptive business models, and how they’ve kept up with the changing times.

Master Investor Show - March 2018

Charlie Nicol, Fidelity Retirement Specialist, delves into the current landscape and discusses what you should be thinking about in the run-up to retirement, and how you could make the most of your hard-earned cash.

Master Investor Show - March 2018

Following a year of positive markets and low volatility, 2018 could provide a bumpier but still rewarding ride. Tom Stevenson highlights the key themes that he expects to drive investment returns this year.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - February 2018

Tom Stevenson and other leading fund providers share their insights on investment opportunities in a changing world. Plus Charlie Nicol navigates the complexities of Lifetime Allowance.

London Investor Show - October 2017

Tom Stevenson casts an experienced eye over the global economy and markets to help investors achieve their financial goals, and analyses seven ways to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

London Investor Show - October 2017

Fidelity’s Head of Pensions Policy, Richard Parkin, gets to grips with retirement and looks at how to avoid common mistakes and build a retirement plan that’s right for you.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - October 2017

Tom Stevenson explores the major investment themes for 2018. Charlie Nicol gets to grips with retirement, and Jeremy Podger, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Global Special Situations, looks at areas of the market he’s finding attractive.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum – January 2017

In this Investor Forum Tom Stevenson, Investment Director, gave his outlook for the year ahead. He discussed the key themes he expects to see this year and recommended funds you could consider to benefit from.

Fidelity Wealth Personal Finance Forum – May 2016

Fidelity’s Investment Directors, Tom Stevenson and Maike Currie, looked at the fundamentals of building a portfolio and discussed how investors could make better decisions.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - April 2016

In light of the seventh anniversary of the Bank of England cutting interest rates to a historic low, we explored the theme of investing for income.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Webinar - March 2016

Following George Osborne’s Budget announcement on 16th March, we hosted a live webinar with Fidelity’s Tom Stevenson and Maike Currie.

Fidelity Wealth Investor Forum - February 2016

Fidelity's Tom Stevenson, Paras Anand and Andy Howse discuss the current market volatility and outlook for the year ahead.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, so you may not get back the amount you invest. Please note that Fidelity Wealth does not give advice or a personal recommendation. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment you should contact an authorised financial adviser.