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Our views on the year aheadOur views on the year ahead

2016 certainly proved to be an eventful year and with Brexit negotiations beginning and the US set out on a new political course, what could be install for this year? Fidelity’s leading portfolio managers look to help you shed some light on the year ahead. 

The world we live inThe world we live in

Bill McQuaker believes today’s financial markets are characterised by an uneasy equilibrium, with little room for the faint-hearted. The new manager of Fidelity’s Multi Asset Open funds looks at the problems created by short term fixes to long term problems.

CIO  Outlook 2017
CIO Outlook for 2017

As politics and policy moves took centre stage last year, will we expect more of the same this year? Fidelity’s Global Equity and Fixed Income CIOs Dominic Rossi and Charles McKenzie answered your questions and discussed some of the key themes set to drive markets in 2017.

Our Special Situations range
Our Special Situations range

Our special situations funds are designed to identify and invest in companies whose growth prospects have been underappreciated or overlooked by the rest of the market. Even in times of uncertainty our experienced global research team is able to spot the ugly ducklings that turn them into stock market swans.

Pose your questions on EM
Pose your questions on EM

Do you have burning questions on emerging markets? In a live and interactive webcast, Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund Manager Nick Price will take your questions. Nick will also share his latest market views and portfolio positioning. Register to attend or receive a recorded copy of the webcast. Tuesday 24 January, 10am.

Trump: fade or follow
Trump: fade or follow?

Donald Trump’s election surprised almost everyone in the market, but despite initial concerns the S&P 500 has gained around 6% since the election. With Trump’s inauguration now imminent, Fidelity Multi Asset’s Nick Peters asks whether it is time to fade out from US equities, or follow the Trump inspired rally.