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We make it easy to keep track of your pension savings...

…You’re on your own with the remote!

Important information - please keep in mind that the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you invest. Pension transfers are a complex area and may not be suitable for everyone. Before going ahead with a pension transfer, we strongly recommend that you undertake a full comparison of the benefits, charges and features offered.

Bring your pensions together

Bringing your pensions together into a Fidelity Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) can make life easier and help you be better prepared for the future you want.

  • One company to deal with, saving you time and hassle
  • Easy to see and manage your retirement savings in one place
  • Low cost, so you keep more of your money

Plus flexible income options at retirement, with no set-up or withdrawal fees.

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A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a flexible, tax-efficient way to save for your retirement. Learn more about the benefits of bringing your pensions together in a SIPP.

Transfer now

If you’re ready to transfer your pensions, you can transfer online, download an application form or call 0800 368 1722 to request a form by post.

Access my pension

If you’re thinking of taking tax free cash or a more regular income from your pension, find out more about the options available to you and how we can help with retirement planning.

Why a Fidelity SIPP?

  • Wide investment choice  - funds, shares, investment trusts and ETFs, giving you more ways to meet your investment goals 
  • Low cost - simple, low service fee typically just 0.35% (ongoing fund management charges apply)
  • Support with decisions - online guidance, videos, planning calculators, easy to use investment selection tools and much more 
  • Additional benefits - if you invest over £250,000 with us, including an even lower fee and your own Relationship Manager.

We’ll also cover up to £500 if your current providers charge exit fees (T&Cs apply).

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Voted Best Buy 2020: DIY SIPP (Boring Money Awards and Best SIPP for Beginners 2019 (MoneyWise Pension Awards).

With our flexible, award-winning SIPP you choose what to invest in and when. You’ll also benefit from expert insights, videos, planning calculators; portfolio analysis and comparison tools and plenty of online guidance to help you decide where to invest.

Apply to transfer

Before taking the next step, please read the following important information.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, so you may not get back what you originally invest. Eligibility to invest in a SIPP or Junior SIPP depends on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change in future. You cannot normally access money in a SIPP until age 55.

It’s important to understand that pension transfers are a complex area and may not be suitable for everyone. Before going ahead with a pension transfer, we strongly recommend that you undertake a full comparison of the benefits, charges and features offered. Please read our pension transfer factsheet and our exit fee terms and conditions. If you are in any doubt about whether a pension transfer is suitable for your circumstances we strongly suggest that you seek advice from an authorised financial adviser.

Please note that if your pensions are moved to us as cash, you will be out of the market while your money is being transferred, so you could miss out on growth and income if the market rises during this time. The value of your investments may also be impacted by the volatility we’re experiencing at this time. If you would like to keep the same investments that are in your existing pension (re-register) and they’re available on our platform, then you can do this but you need to apply to transfer by post. Any investments not supported by Fidelity will be sold and moved to us as cash, which means you’ll be out of the market until you choose new ones. Our customer service team on 0800 368 1722 can provide you with more information and check if your existing investments are available on our platform. 

Transfer my pensions


Call us

If you’d like to discuss transferring a pension or would like us to send you an application form.


Transfer online

To find out what you need to consider before you transfer, please read the factsheet.


Transfer by post

Whether you already have a SIPP with Fidelity or not, download the relevant application form, fill it in and return it to the address on the form.

How long does it take?

Most leading providers use an electronic transfer system called Origo, which means your pension can be transferred electronically within about 10 business days. In the event your provider does not use Origo then your transfer will need to be processed manually and paperwork will be issued by post. Manual transfers can take 8 to 10 weeks to complete but this does depend on the paperwork required to be sent between the two providers. Please note some transfers may take longer than usual due to impacts of the current restrictions brought about by the Coronavirus.

Need more time to decide if transferring is right for you?

We promote pension transfer offers on a regular basis. However, it’s important that you take enough time to decide whether transferring a pension to us is right for you.

Leave your name and email address through the link below and we’ll notify you when our next SIPP transfer offer begins.


How to transfer your pension to Fidelity

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