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Boohoo bucking the retail rout

Daniel Lane

Daniel Lane - Fidelity Personal Investing

Profits and revenues at Boohoo have rocketed in the first half of the year, on the back of solid international growth for the online fashion brand.


Revenues jumped by 43% to £564.9m, with profit before tax up a hefty 83% to £45.2m.

UK sales shot up 35% during the period but perhaps most interesting for investors is the weight now held by the firm’s international operations.

The retailer said sales abroad now account for 44% of the group’s revenue, after growing by 55% in the first half of 2019.

And it’s this growth that retail-focused investors will be concentrating on today. Rival fashion platform ASOS has had a torrid time setting up and growing distribution particularly in the US, with setbacks causing shares to plummet in December. Boohoo has always been in its larger competitor’s shadow but results like today’s could go some way to establishing its own presence among investors.

If that seems unfair, remember Boohoo’s share price dropped around 14% after ASOS reported its troubles at Christmas, despite no clear issues of its own.

It’s understandable that the market should tie the two companies together - both are UK-based online-only fast fashion propositions and both are trying to expand internationally at the same time. What’s more, both firms have come to typify what consumers and investors see as the future of retail and, as such, serve as barometers for the sector. With a raft of clothiers hitting hard times the feeling seems to be - if the online retailers can’t do it then who can?

After all, the groups’ propositions mean there are no need for flagship stores, expensive outfitting and floor staffing, so the cost base is already miniscule compared to their traditional high street peers.

But I think this type of thinking has the potential to hurt investors. We like to put sectors and companies into neat little boxes but this type of top-down sweeping judgement leaves no room for the firms bucking the trend.

In this instance, those who have dismissed retail altogether, or avoided Boohoo due to its similarities with ASOS will have given up gains of around 40% over the past year - and that’s accounting for the December dip.

While we can never be sure what the share price will do next, experienced investors know their final judgement should be based on the value they see in the business from here, not the number on the share ticker.

In the case of Boohoo that means monitoring the performance of new apps in key markets and new payment methods designed to increase order size and frequency, as well as keeping an eye on the firm’s use of warehouse automation, which has helped fuel rapid expansion thus far.

This distribution management and advertising are the bread and butter for these companies. And, while it has been too easy for retailers to blame cash-strapped consumers for fewer pounds filling the tills, investors relying on prevailing sentiment like this miss the individual opportunities and roadblocks each company has to make the most of.

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As at 24 Sept
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Boohoo -37.1 216.4 160.4 -24.8 40.7

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