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Please read and save the following documents:

Please be aware of the following points

The minimum to transfer your pension in cash is £10,000. If you are transferring your existing pension funds the minimum is £50,000. This can be from one or more pension accounts.

This information is based on our understanding of legislation and HM Revenue & Customs, all of which is liable to change without notice.

You can read more on the above in the pension tax factsheet.

Check you have these ready:

An estimated transfer value of your pension (you can get this from a recent statement).

The name and policy number of your scheme(s) and the administrator.

Your National Insurance number.

Please remember, the value of investments can go down as well as up so you may not get back the amount you originally invest. You cannot normally access money invested in a SIPP until the age of 55.

It’s important to understand that transfers are a complex area and may not be suitable for everyone. Before going ahead with a pension transfer we strongly recommend that you undertake a full comparison of the charges, features and services offered. To find out what else you should consider before transferring, please view the factsheet.

Please note that if your pensions are moved to us as cash, you will be out of the market while your money is being transferred, so you could miss out on growth and income if the market rises during this time. If you transfer investments that are not supported by Fidelity, they will be sold and moved to us as cash, which means you will be out of the market until you choose new investments.

If your existing pension provider has signed up to an industry accepted paperless transfer service your transfer should be completed in about 10 business days. If not, the transfer could take between 8-10 weeks but could be longer as the process is reliant on prompt action by your existing providers whose time frames can be variable.

Fidelity Personal Investing only gives information about products and services and does not provide investment advice based on individual circumstances. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment you should speak to an authorised financial adviser.