Important information documents - Pension

Before you invest

You should read the following documents to help you decide whether the Fidelity SIPP is right for you.

  • SIPP Key Features Document (incorporating the SIPP Terms and Conditions and generic illustration) (pdf)
  • Transfer Factsheet - if you are transferring other pensions to your Fidelity SIPP, please read and save this document
  • Key Investor Information Document and/or Fund Specific Documents - there is one for each fund we offer.

Finding the Key Investor Information Document

To find the documents that relate to the funds you have chosen to invest in, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Using the site search box at the top of this screen, type in your chosen fund name.
  • Click on the name of the fund from the results screen and details of the fund will be displayed
  • The Key Investor Information Document is shown at the bottom of the screen


Other documents

There are a number of other documents that relate to the Fidelity SIPP that you may wish to refer to including the Tax relief factsheet (pdf) and the SIPP Deed and Rules which is available on request.

Fidelity annual report

Visit our Statutory Documents site to download the respective audited Annual Reports and un-audited Semi Annual Reports.