Stock Transfer Form

Use this form to transfer the ownership of Unit Trust and Open Ended Investment Company funds from one holder to another. If you want to transfer Fidelity’s offshore or currency funds, please use the SICAV stock transfer form.

How the process works

Holdings will be transferred to the Transferee’s account in one of two ways:

  • Transfer - if you wish to transfer funds managed by Fidelity (either clean or bundled) or a clean share class of a fund managed by a third party fund provider, the transfer of these funds will take place within one business day and you will not be out of the market.
  • Transfer and switch - If the assets to be transferred are bundled share classes of a fund managed by a third party fund provider, they will be switched into a clean share class of the same fund, as part of the transfer process. Where we do not offer a clean share class alternative for your third party fund(s) you will not be able to transfer this fund.

Download Forms

  1. Complete this checklist

    Please read the Stock transfers: what you need to know document.

    Use our online tool to check whether funds managed by a third party provider are available for transfer. You will need to do this before being able to download the stock transfer form.

  2. Download Form:

     Stock Transfer Form  Opens in a popup
  3. Post your form

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