What to do when someone passes away

Guidance for executors, administrators and beneficiaries

We’ll guide you through the process of dealing with investments held with Fidelity and explain the options available to beneficiaries. You can download the forms you will need to complete once the beneficiaries have decided what to do with their inheritance. If a financial adviser is dealing with this process, please ask them to contact FundsNetwork to download the relevant adviser related forms.

  • Additional ISA allowance for spouses/civil partners – benefit from the ISA tax benefits built up by a spouse or civil partner
  • Notifying us of a death – you can tell us when someone has died by phone, letter or email but we cannot make any changes to the account until we receive an official death certificate
  • Obtaining probate – allows us to release the investments so they can be distributed among the beneficiaries. Where the value of the assets held with Fidelity is less than £25,000, it may not be necessary to obtain probate
  • Options for beneficiaries – you must tell us what you want to do with the investments from the estate you are looking after

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