How funds work - charges and fees

It's always worth researching charges and fees when you invest as they can make a significant difference to the overall return on your investment.


Making sense of fund charges

Whether you invest in one of Fidelity’s funds, or one from another manager, you will pay just two charges: the ongoing charges of the fund and our service fee.

The ongoing charges are the fees taken from the fund’s assets by the fund manager to cover the costs of running and managing the fund. The service fee is paid to us, and covers everything we offer you, such as access to funds, accounts, investment articles and insights.

Example charges can be seen below.

Funds charges

Please note, this graphic represents a typical fund, but the actual breakdown of costs will vary between funds. For specific fund details, please see the relevant Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) provided with each fund.

* For more information on our service fee tiers and charging please click here

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