More about the service fee

  • We calculate the total value of your investments with Fidelity Personal Investing at midnight on 1st of every month
  • This includes the value of joint holding accounts and any cash held in a SIPP but not cash held in the ISA Cash Park
  • This includes ISA, SIPP, Investment Accounts (including any joint accounts), Offshore Accounts, Investment Trust Share Plan Accounts, Fidelity Personal Pension provided by Standard Life and the EBS SIPP
  • The total value is divided into 12 to determine the monthly amount to be charged to the sole named accounts
  • We take the charge around the 15th of the following month
  • The fee is usually taken from the largest holding in the account by selling units
  • If you hold a SIPP we will take the charge from money held in the SIPP Cash Account first and any shortfall is taken from the largest holding
  • We do not apply the charge to Investment Trusts or ETPs held outside an ISA or SIPP account
  • Each joint account will be charged a fee at the rate based on their individual value
  • The Junior ISA/Junior SIPP charge of £25 is only paid once regardless of whether you hold both types of account
  • If you hold Investment Trusts or ETPs the maximum you will pay for these will be £45p.a

Please also refer to our Doing business with Fidelity document for further details.