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Our low cost charges and fees

A clearer approach to charges, which is simple, so investors can focus more of their time managing their portfolios.

Our typical service fee is just 0.35%.
Fund ongoing charges start from just 0.06%.
Extra savings for investors with larger portfolios.
Additional discounts on over 200 funds.


  • How much is the service fee and when do you charge it?

  • Is there a cap on the service fee?

  • How do Fidelity’s charges compare with other platforms?

  • What do I get for the service fee?

  • Are all my accounts considered for the calculation of service fee tiers?

  • How are the calculations made? (For ISA, Investment Account, Junior ISA)

  • How will I know what service fees I have paid?

  • Will I be charged a service fee for ISA Cash Park (CAPA) holdings?

  • Is the deduction of a service fee a chargeable event for tax purposes?


Joint Accounts

  • How will you calculate the service fee tier of my joint Investment Account?

  • Will you take into account my joint account holdings for the purposes of calculating the service fee tier for accounts held in my sole name?


Multi-linked Accounts

  • Some of my holdings with you are invested through a financial adviser? How will the service fee tier apply to me?

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Charges for re-inventing income

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