Dealing and settlement times

When payment is made
We usually make payments within seven business days of receiving your full and valid instructions although there are some differences with payments made on investments held outside an ISA wrapper, as follows:

Fidelity Cash Fund – we normally make payments within one business day
OEIC and Unit Trusts – we normally make payments within four business days
Investment trusts and ETPs – we normally make payments within two business days
Offshore Funds – we normally make payments within five business days

How payment is made

We will normally send the payment to your bank or building society account. Payments are usually processed via BACS, which can take up to two business days to show in your account.

If you wish to receive a cheque payment, you will need to write to us at the following address providing full details of the holdings to be sold and specifying cheque as the payment method:

Fidelity International IMS, PO BOX 80, Tonbridge, TN11 9YA.