Corporate Citizenship

Since establishing a business presence in the UK in 1979, Fidelity International has maintained a tradition of community involvement and charitable giving. We seek to direct our resources and efforts to the places where they will yield the greatest possible reward.

Furthermore, Fidelity is committed to making a difference to communities local to our offices and where our employees live. We are also keen to support and encourage our employees to be active members of their communities.

Our support is directed through our Corporate Citizenship Programme and the Fidelity UK Foundation. We also consider social, environmental and ethical issues in our investment research where these will have a material impact on either investment risk or potential returns.

Corporate Citizenship Programme

Our Corporate Citizenship Programme has been running since 2001, and every year it supports local charities as well as encouraging and supporting Fidelity employees to be active members of their communities.

Fidelity UK Foundation

The Fidelity UK Foundation was established in 1988 to represent Fidelity's philanthropic interests in the communities in which it does business, ensuring that the benefit to charities is paramount and not influenced by any corporate benefit to Fidelity.

Criteria for Support

Fidelity International plays an active part in making a difference to our communities, especially in the areas where we have offices or our employees live. We provide sponsorship for local charity projects and events that gives us and our employees an opportunity to help them raise further funds.

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