Criteria for Support

Fidelity International plays an active part in making a difference to our communities, especially in the areas where we have offices or our employees live. We provide sponsorship for local charity projects and events that gives us and our employees an opportunity to help them raise further funds.

We favour organisations that:

  • support communities within 20km of any Fidelity office
  • where we support national causes, we would expect the cause to have a local reach, where practicable
  • have a good reputation in the local community
  • provide the opportunity for the Fidelity International brand name to have a presence
  • provide the opportunity for media activity
  • are registered charities or not-for-profit organisations
  • organise fundraising events that directly benefit their service users
  • provide opportunities for employee involvement
  • benefit the wider community rather than an exclusive audience

What we don't sponsor

There are some organisations or activities we do not support and these are:

  • religious, political and animal-support charities (except environmental or conservation related animal causes)
  • individuals and individual schools
  • events for exclusive audiences such as black tie events
  • high-risk activities, such as parachute jumps, motor racing and abseiling

In addition, we do not usually support sports events, clubs and teams, nor advertise in charity event programmes, diaries or directories.

We have discretion to support small locally based organisations who deliver services at a grass roots level. These funds must go to a project that directly benefits the local community.