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Fidelity Asian Values PLC: Spotting the winners of tomorrow before others do

Nitin Bajaj, April 2017

There are over 17,000 listed companies in Asia - more than the rest of the world put together. With so many under-researched companies in this region, how do you spot the true winners of tomorrow before others do? Nitin Bajaj discusses his approach.

Important information:

When investing in overseas markets, changes in currency exchange rates may affect the value of your investment. Investments in small and emerging markets can be more volatile than those in other overseas markets. Reference to specific securities should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell these securities and is included for the purposes of illustration only.

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Incorporated in England and Wales with company number 3183919.

Registered office: FIL Investments International, Beech Gate, Millfield Lane, Lower Kingswood, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 6RP.

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