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About Fidelity International

Fidelity was established in 1969 and offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise. It is a privately owned, independent company managing US $303 billion across the major asset classes.

Fidelity’s model of private, independent ownership ensures it consistently acts in the best interest of its clients. It provides a long-term framework enabling heavy investment into technology and innovation to continually improve performance in supporting the goals of Fidelity’s clients.

It’s an approach that works: numerous awards around the globe recognise the consistent strong achievements of Fidelity’s investment and client service teams. For example, Fidelity has won the Thomson Reuters Lipper ‘Best Overall Group’ award 36 times since 2002 in 13 countries.

Fidelity in the UK

In the UK, Fidelity looks after the portfolios of 275,000 personal investors, 403,000 advised investors and 505,000 people who invest through their employer (as at June 2017). This amounts to £62.7 billion for over 1 million investors in the UK alone1. Fidelity offers them 736 managed funds across all sectors, regions and asset classes. These are supported by 380 investment professionals working across 12 countries.

Fidelity is continuing to develop its UK business, as demonstrated by a $250million strategic investment into its UK platform business and infrastructure.

Our UK Investment Trust Business

Fidelity has over twenty six years’ experience managing investment companies, and manages over £3.25 billion in assets across five investment trusts. These are all focused on equity growth strategies. Fidelity International won the Premier Group category in Money Observer’s 2015 & 2016 Investment Trust awards and was highly commended in the 2017 awards.

Premier Investment Trust group award
Premier Investment Trust group award

As a major platform distributor, Fidelity is able to offer its own investment trusts and those managed by third parties to professional investors and retail investors alike through a range of different product wrappers. Fidelity also promotes its range of trusts directly to institutions and wealth managers through its highly experienced in-house sales teams.

1 Assets under administration are those of Fidelity's UK platform which includes all Fidelity's retail fund assets, retail assets held on FundsNetwork and retail and institutional assets held on the Fidelity DC Investment Platform