Fixed Income

Fidelity has been managing fixed income and money market funds since 1982 and today has $45 billion assets under management across the full breadth of the global bond market.

Fidelity believes that outperformance and high information ratios should be the main focus when managing Fixed Income portfolios. In order to achieve that, Fidelity has a well defined investment philosophy based on in-house credit, quantitative and macro research, along with specialists teams based in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We adopt a team-based approach which combines the strengths and skills of four separate disciplines:

  • Portfolio management
  • Quantitative research
  • Credit research
  • Trading

Combining the skills of separate disciplines enables portfolio managers to increase the number and diversity of strategies employed within a portfolio.

Active, Multi-Strategy Team Approach

We believe in a multi-strategy approach with a focus on diversification. We aim to build bond portfolios that include a large number of uncorrelated active investment decisions in which no single position is expected to dominate returns.

We believe that active management can provide excess returns and high information ratios as quantitative and qualitative research can consistently identify and exploit investment opportunities

By using a range of investment ideas we diversify risk and ensure that no single decision has an undue impact on portfolio performance.

Commitment to Research

Our commitment to quantitative research is especially important for navigating the complexity of bond markets with proprietary models advising the manager on appropriate strategies that can be applied within the funds.

The credit team executes in-depth research into 80% of the in-comparative market index investible universe of global investment grade and high yield issuers (also cover selective non-rated issuers).

Experienced and Stable Portfolio Management Team

Our experienced portfolio managers interact extensively with all members of the fixed income team but specialise within fixed income disciplines to offer clients the best possible focus of skill.