Equities are an essential asset class for institutional portfolios, providing an opportunity for growth and dividend income.

Because of our analysts’ fundamental-focussed 360° research approach, we have an intimate understanding of the businesses we invest in.

In addition to meeting companies face to face, we leverage our global research network to understand their competitors, customers and suppliers. Combined with macroeconomic analysis, this provides a thorough understanding of a business within its context. We believe that this information advantage adds value in both developed and emerging markets.

  • A truly global team – broad research network across the globe. We look at the best investment ideas worldwide.
  • Home grown talent -Experienced portfolio managers who understand sectors and geographies intimately.
  • Trusted portfolio managers are fully independent in managing portfolios within rigorous risk management process.
  • Broad range of funds with a range of risk and return characteristics.
  • Thematic and sector specific disciplines.
  • Global, regional and country specific mandates across developed and emerging markets.