Our capabilities

We have built a broad range of investment strategies

We offer institutional clients a broad suite of investment solutions across asset classes. In addition to our pooled funds, our capabilities allow us to manage segregated mandates, tailored to institutional investment needs. The breadth of our research and expertise enables us to manage disciplines across the risk and return spectrum.



A range of equity funds that enable institutional investors to benefit from our extensive research resources and the stockpicking skills of our investment management team.

Fixed income

Our Fixed Income Portfolio Managers operate a research-based multi-strategy approach implemented in a team environment, integrating credit research, quantitative research and trading.

Fidelity Multi Asset team

The Fidelity Multi Asset team is Fidelity’s specialist asset management unit dedicated to the design and management of client specific, multi asset investment solutions.

Real estate

We have a range of products designed specifically for institutional investors to deliver straightforward access to real estate.

Cash management

Money market funds are vital investment products providing security, diversification and liquidity, balanced with delivering the most attractive return possible.