Active extension

Fidelity Active Strategy (FAST) Funds are designed to deliver enhanced relative and risk-adjusted returns through active use of short and long equity exposures.

Within the FAST suite, we offer a range of products with different risk and return profiles managed against different asset class benchmarks.

With over five year's experience of successfully managing these Active Extension funds, Fidelity offers a tried and tested approach to managing these strategies, which are now available under UCITS III.

With a high conviction approach combined with our extensive proprietary research network and investment infrastructure, the FAST funds offer a distinct opportunity for institutional investors seeking enhanced sources of alpha.

Fidelity's Active Extension investment discipline affords our portfolio managers the flexibility to take both long and short exposures, with a view to enhancing overall portfolio return when compared to long-only funds. This is a logical progression for Fidelity from long-only investment management, as the FAST funds can utilise the full potential of our proprietary fundamental buy and sell research recommendations, generated one of the largest buy-side research teams in the world.