October 2015 - Profiting from the JPX400

How active strategies can target alpha

April 2015 - Applying a risk-based smart beta approach to fixed income investing

A theoretical and empirical case for a smart beta approach to investing in fixed income

November 2014 - A case for active investment in emerging markets

Attractive valuations, but the ‘free lunch’ is over

Oct 2014 - High Yield – Arguments for a Structural Portfolio Allocation

The fundamental outlook for high yield is broadly stable. It is important for investors to recognise that in aggregate, the high yield market is safer than it was a decade ago.

September 2014 - Abenomics: A roadmap to corporate reform

How Abenomics reforms could bring about significant corporate sector improvements that rekindle sustained interest in Japanese equities.

May 2014 - Identifying real sources of risk and diversification

This paper investigates the search for risk-adjusted returns in direct real estate.

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