Our philosophy

Since Fidelity was established in 1969, we have been committed to creating solutions that help our clients build a better future.

We are active investors, focused primarily on picking the best stocks, bonds and properties in order to create value. We believe markets are only semi efficient and that through in-house, bottom up, fundamental research and stock selection we can create a competitive advantage that delivers superior returns for our clients.

We operate a unique model that develops and integrates research and portfolio management skills. Because we believe that understanding economic trends, credit cycles and market behaviour supports investment decisions, portfolio managers have access to extensive macro-economic analysis and market cycle insight to inform their portfolio construction. Utilising this broad range of inputs, experienced fund managers exercise their independent judgement to capture investment opportunities across a range of investment styles.

Our approach to investing allows us to offer a broad range of strategies to serve institutional client needs and clients benefit from our investment insights across all asset classes. Most importantly, our long term perspective is aligned with the needs of institutional investors.