About us

Our vision as a firm is "To deliver innovative client solutions for a better future."


Fidelity International offers world class investment solutions and retirement expertise. We are a privately owned, independent company, with the commitment and resources to provide the investment expertise, technology and service innovation needed to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We invest USD $279 billion globally on behalf of clients in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Our clients range from pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, large corporates, financial institutions, insurers and wealth managers, to private individuals. For institutional clients, we offer tailored investment solutions design and full-service asset management outsourcing.

In addition to asset management, we provide investment administration and guidance for employer benefit schemes, advisers and individuals in several countries, with USD $83 billion in assets under administration.

Established in 1969 as the international arm of Fidelity Investments, founded in Boston in 1946, Fidelity International became independent of the US organisation in 1980, and is today owned mainly by management and members of the original founding family.

We are active investors, focused primarily on picking the best assets to create value. We believe markets are only semi efficient and that through in-house, bottom up, fundamental research and stock selection we can create a competitive advantage that delivers superior outcomes for our clients.

We operate a unique model that develops and integrates research and portfolio management skills. Because we believe that understanding economic trends, credit cycles and market behaviour supports investment decisions, portfolio managers have access to extensive macro-economic analysis and market cycle insight to inform their portfolio construction. Utilising this broad range of inputs, experienced portfolio managers exercise their independent judgement to capture investment opportunities.

Clients benefit from our ability to offer a broad range of strategies to serve institutional client needs and benefit from our investment insights across all asset classes. Most importantly, our long term perspective is aligned with the needs of institutional investors.

Our philosophy

Since we were established in 1969, we have been committed to creating solutions that help our clients build a better future.

Investor education

We are committed to empowering institutional investors to make suitable long term choices for their scheme through education.

Corporate Governance

We believe in making sure we know that the companies we invest in are managed legally and responsibly. We see this as a key element of our commitment to act in the best interests of our clients at all times.

* All data as at 31 December 2016