Invest@Work FAQs

What is Invest@Work?
Where can I invest my money and how do I choose my investments?
How do I know which account is right for me?
Who can I contact if I need help?
I've already got a Stocks and Shares ISA/Investment Account with Fidelity. Can I still open an account through Invest@Work?
How can I provide reporting to my employer?
What information do I need to get started?
What is the minimum amount needed to get started?
Why do I need to register and set up a new account?
Will I be able to see my pension if I set up an Invest@Work account?
Can I move investments in a Stocks and Shares ISA or Investment Account held elsewhere into my Fidelity account?
When do I need to have my account set up to include this month's payroll?
Do I need to provide any confirmation of identity or other documentation?
Can I stop, or make other changes to my contributions?
Can I open both a Stocks and Shares ISA and Investment Account?
Do you offer ongoing guidance?
How do I apply?
What happens if I leave employment?
Can I invest for my spouse?
Can I arrange a separate regular savings plan into my account outside of the Invest@Work scheme?
What documents will I receive from Fidelity?
I already have an account with Fidelity through my financial adviser. Can I use this account to register for the Invest@Work scheme?
Can I link a financial intermediary or adviser to my account?
Can I top up my account in addition to the contribution taken from my salary?
I have an existing regular savings plan with Fidelity. What will happen to that?
What information will you share with my employer?
When will my money be paid into my account?