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Helping hand by Client Services

How to use Helping Hand

With Helping Hand you can show what’s happening on your screen to the person you’re speaking to at Fidelity. They’ll then be able to talk you through the task you’re trying to complete.

Starting a Helping Hand session:

This is an easy three-step process that the person on the phone will talk you through:

  • Please read the important information below
  • Click the ‘Start Session’ button when you’re ready to start sharing
  • You’ll then see a session code. Please quote this to the person on the phone.

They’ll then be able to see your screen and help you complete your task. When you’re finished they’ll talk you through how to stop sharing your screen and end your Helping Hand session.

Important information:

During the Helping Hand session:

  • We can only see the Fidelity website and nothing else on your computer or web browser
  • We will not be able to see your password or debit card details if you enter them
  • We will not be able to click, copy text or select anything on your screen, place any orders or take any action on your behalf
  • The connection is completely secure, so no-one else can see anything on your computer
  • You may terminate your Helping Hand session at any time, either by selecting the ‘End Session’ button at the top of the webpage or by closing your webpage. If the Helping Hand session inadvertently stops for any reason, you can re-start it again by going back to the ‘Helping Hand’ home page.

Please note, we are currently unable to support this service on the Internet Explorer browser but are working hard to resolve the issue.

By clicking ‘Start Session’ you are authorising Fidelity International and the associate to view your web session on for this individual session only.